Thanks to the Getting Better Foundation
9th Oct 2017

A podcast on their subject and also on my upcoming book.

Thanks Rush
6th Sep 2017

“Mr. Easterbrook, I don’t mean to damage your career by promoting your work – he is a very scholarly guy, and an environmental wacko, your friends will be upset that I am praising you” -- Rush Limbaugh on 9-6-17.

I am indeed an environmental wacko, if that means accepting the National Academy of Sciences research view of climate change, and accepting the economist-consensus view that a carbon cap-and-trade system would be the most cost-effective countermeasure.

Home page for this season's TMQ
1st Sep 2017

2017 TMQs will be collected here.

Announcement of TMQ relaunch
15th Aug 2017

From MediaDC. And yes there will be politics, culture, science and economics, including center-left arguments.

Thanks Blasting News
15th Aug 2017