Sneak preview
28th Feb 2017

Brookings offers a sneak preview of one theme from my upcoming book The Arrow of History.

TMQ in 2017
7th Nov 2016

Final word -- no TMQ this season, will be back in 2017. Right now am concentrating on completing next book (nothing to do with sports).

For 15 years, NFL ratings have been soaring, and there's also been a Tuesday Morning Quarterback. in 2016 no TMQ, and NFL popularity plummets. Coincidence?

TMQ Update
16th Sep 2016

Those who like Tuesday Morning Quarterback -- it's up in the air for the moment. I may nor may not do this season: my priority is completing my next book. I realize I must make up my mind soon, before the Bills, Browns and Rams are eliminated, and that could happen pretty much any moment.

Thanks ESPN...
16th Sep 2016

...for the kind words.

Easterbrook family {hearts} Bowdoin
17th Aug 2016

Son Grant featured as successful alumn.