Thank you, Library Journal
17th Feb 2018

Starred review: "A well-written account of a pertinent topic; readers will flock to this book."

Two past articles that bear on upcoming new book
16th Feb 2018

The intellectual heritage of my book It’s Better Than It Looks, about to be released, is two New Republic cover stories. The first, two decades ago, was titled America the Okay. The second, published in 2005, was titled The End of War? Note the latter came six years before Steve Pinker’s Better Angels of Our Nature, which is a terrific book but not the first to document the decline of violence.

Carnegie talk in NYC
30th Jan 2018

Will speak at the Carnegie Council in NYC on 2-20-18.

Am excited that Timothy Snyder of Yale, my favorite historian, speaks the following day.

PublicAffairs book announcement
20th Jan 2018

Here's the cover for new book out next month.

announcement of next book
13th Dec 2017

New pub date for It's Better Than It Looks is February 20, 2018.